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Increasing Sales with SEO and Social Media Marketing

Increasing Sales with SEO and Social Media Marketing Online Training & Certification
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Learn how to optimize your business's online presence to reach new customers and increase sales!

Increasing Sales with SEO

Gain the ability to optimize your business's website in order to increase traffic to your website and increase sales. This course will help you to develop an understanding of what a search engine is and how it determines where your pages will be displayed on a search engines results page. Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is important for increasing the amount of traffic to your business's website.

This course will teach you:

  • How a search engine decides where to display your website's result on a search engine's results page
  • How to optimize a web page to display higher on a search engine's results page
  • What structured data is and how it is created
  • Website linking strategies
  • Different methods to host your website

Course Lessons:

  1. Intro to Search Engines
  2. Search Engine Metrics
  3. Website Optimization
  4. Structured Data
  5. Linking Strategies
  6. Hosting Impacts on SEO

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Increasing Sales with Social Media Marketing

Learn how to create, maintain, and grow your social media presence for your business in order to increase sales!

Course Lessons:

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Instagram Marketing
This course will teach you how to reach and interact with customers on social media in order to increase sales and customer awareness of your brand or business.

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Increasing Sales with SEO and Social Media Marketing: $98.95