Responsible Bartender
For Sellers, Servers, Bartenders, Waiters, & Waitresses

HomeThis course has been APPROVED by the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration DC Flagfor Responsible Server training in Washington DC!

Take the DC Responsible Serving® course to get your bartender license or permit to sell and server alcohol.

The Washington, DC Responsible Serving course for bartenders, sellers, and servers will go over all the required information for learning to sell and serve alcohol in Washington, DC and provide state-specific certification. The Washington, DC course will cover topics such as how to spot someone who has been drinking too much, how to properly check IDs, and the responsibilities/liabilities of the server.

The Washington, DC Responsible Serving® course features interactive learning through audio, videos, and text. Each lesson of the course deals with different areas that a bartender, seller, or server in Washington, DC needs to be familiar with. At the end of each lesson interactive flashcards help with retention of the important details, and the lesson quizzes test for knowledge of the area.

Washington, DC regulations are governed by the Washington, DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration.

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